A Portable Folding Laptop Stand (Laptop Riser) Review After 40 Days of Use

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Video Transcription

Today I’ll review this foldable laptop stand which i’ve used for about 40 days. 

The stand is made of aluminum alloy, and is light-weight, thin and firm, and the weight is about 170g.

The stand can be folded to be 25.9cm long and 4cm wide, so you can easily put it into your backpack and take it with you. 

There are 8 scales of support heights, and the highest is 18cm and the lowest is 6cm. You can adjust the support height flexibly to find the most comfortable posture.

The heat of your laptop can be directly dissipated through the hollow to prevent the laptop from overheating.

The weakness of the laptop stand is when I adjust the support height to the lowest scale there is concern that the two anti-skid silicone pads will not stop my laptop from slipping off, although that hasn’t happened but it’s still necessary to make improvements. 

That’s all. Thanks for watching.

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