PRODUCT REVIEW: Handheld Ultraviolet(UV) Sanitizer Lamp Wand

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Video Transcription

Today, I’ll unbox a handheld ultraviolet(UV) disinfection lamp stick, which can emit UV rays of the C-band wavelength to kill bacteria and viruses attached to the surface of objects.

Let’s get started!

The Portable UV disinfection lamp. Here is the model number; the dimension, 18 times 255 millimeters; the power consumption, 3w and 5w, this one I bought is 5w; the LED type, here is the thing, the UV lamp stick will emit UV rays in two different wavelengths, the UVC and UVA, and the UVC means the UV rays in the C-band wavelength of 275nm and is able to destroy the DNA and RNA of bacteria and viruses, the UVA is the UV rays in the A-band wavelength of 295nm and has no sterilization effect, it is mainly to enhance the visual effect by increasing the light brightness and color; the light intensity; the input voltage; and the product weight is 60g.

This is the lamp stick. Looks compact. Here are the total of 8 LED ultraviolet germicidal lamp beads. The product label. The USB power supply line. This handheld UV light device has no battery and needs to be plugged in to a power bank to work.

Let’s take a look at the manual before using it. Here are the product parameters. The sterilization principle, “use high energy UVC ultraviolet light It breaks the DNA and RNA double helix strands to kill bacteria and viruses”. The Power supply mode, as I’ve said previously, the UV sterilizer rod has no battery and you need to plug it into a power bank through USB to use, and the USB cable is about 1 meters long.

Here is the application range, “small items sterilization, such as masks, toothbrushes, mobile phones, bottles and so on”. The matters need attention, oh, this is important, “irradiation time more than 150 seconds is appropriate”, and to be honest, that’s a little long. Then here is to say when you use it, you should wear protective sunglasses or gloves to avoid danger. I guess that’s not necessary coz the power consumption is so low.

Now we plug it in and use it. Note that you should put the UV lamp stick upside down on the desktop before plugging in the power supply to avoid the direct UV rays. Oh, it works, and now you can start to sterilize the desktop, cell phones, masks, and more.

OK, finally, let ’s summarize it. It feels pleasant to use this UV disinfection stick. When you come home from the outside, you can sterilize your shoes, clothes, mobile phones, masks, glasses, etc. You can also shine the UV rays on the packages and items you buy online to make them virus-free.

There are two shortcomings. The first one is that it does not come with a battery and needs to be connected to a power bank to supply power. That’s a little inconvenient. And the USB charging line is also a little short, less than 1 meter. The second is the irradiated area. The UV lamp stick is small, so the irradiated area is not large, and not suitable for the disinfection of large objects like your bed, sofa. It will take longer to sterilize the large objects.

That’s it. Thanks for watching!

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