How To Choose the Best Pet Nail Clippers in 2020

Pet nail clippers are one of the essential pet grooming tools. Clipping nails is not only for aesthetic purposes. It promotes the health and wellbeing of your pet. Overgrown nails can break or crack and cause discomfort to the pet. Not cutting nails with dog nail clippers for long durations can also lead to ingrown nails, which may become painful for the dog in the future. While the nails of pets who are active in the outdoors wear down on their own, it may not be the case for pets in urban areas. Their nails will have to be clipped regularly, and a pet nail trimmer is an essential grooming tool for them.

The Types of Pet Nail Clippers

Pet nail clippers can be classified into the following types.

Boshel Scissor Clipper

Scissor Clippers – Scissor Clippers are one of the most popular types of pet nail trimmers. They function like regular scissors and resemble pliers or wire cutters. There are two blades present that clip the nail tip when the clipper is squeezed. These dog nail clippers allow you to generate extra force for cutting nails. There is a guard present that prevents the nail from sticking through the clipper for safety purposes. Scissor clippers are suitable for large dog breeds who have thick nails that require great force for cutting them. However, these pet grooming tools are available in smaller sizes that can be used for small to medium pet breeds.

Guillotine Clippers – Guillotine Clippers are the second type of dog nails clippers. Their functioning is similar to that of a guillotine. They have a hole for cutting nails, unlike scissor clippers that have separate blades. Guillotine clippers come with a single blade that slides up for clipping the tip of the nail. You place the nail of the pet in the hole and then squeeze the Guillotine dog nail clipper for cutting the nail. These pet nail trimmers are suitable for small to medium-sized dogs with thin nails. They don’t have guards for safety and should be used with care and consideration.

Resco Guillotine Clippers

Grinders – Grinders are pet grooming tools that provide an alternate way of trimming your pets’ nails. Instead of clipping the nails, they grind them down. They are like Dremel tools and file the nail of the pets. They have a nail file head that spins with the built-in motor. The motor runs on a battery that can be charged. Grinders are suitable for pets who may be uncomfortable with clippers. However, they require more time for trimming pet nails as compared to clippers. They also make noise when used and can scare some pets.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Pet Nail Clipper

The market has a variety of dog nail clippers. Some of them are suitable for small dogs, while others are ideal for large breeds. There are a few factors to consider when buying a pet nail clipper for your furry companions. 

Type of Clipper– As previously mentioned, there are different types of pet grooming tools. Choose the right kind of tool depending on the size or breed of your pets, their age, and behavior. An inappropriate pet nail trimmer may make the pet uncomfortable and even incite aggressive behavior towards you. The right tool will make clipping nails easier and keep your pet healthy. You will save time and effort as well.

Dremel Grinder Clipper

Size of The Pet – All dog nail clippers come in various sizes irrespective of their type. Small-sized clippers are suitable for small dog breeds, while large dog breeds will require a bigger clipper. The age of the pet should also be factored when determining the right size. Puppies and dogs that are under one year will be small and will require a small-sized pet nail trimmer.

Experience of The Groomer – The experience of the pet groomers is an essential factor to consider when buying a pet nail clipper. They may not have the required knowledge for using a particular type of clipper. Guillotine clippers and grinders won’t be ideal for new groomers as they don’t have a built-in safety mechanism. They may over clip or under clip the nails of the pets. Therefore, new groomers should ideally consider a Scissor clipper as they have a safeguard. Asking an experienced groomer for assistance is recommended as well.

Along with good dog nail clippers, a regular schedule must be followed for clipping nails. A dog should be introduced to pet grooming tools such as pet nail clippers at an early age. It makes it easier to teach grooming to pets and prevents any anxiety in adult life. Ideally, the nails of pets should be clipped every three to four weeks. Pets who spend most of their time outdoors and engage in frequent physical activity may require their nails to be groomed less often as they might wear down on their own. New groomers can take assistance from experienced groomers or dog trainers for using pet grooming tools.

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