Antimicrobial Brass No Touch Door Opener & Stylus Unbox and Review

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Video Transcription

Today, I’ll unbox an antibacterial brass door opener. The main function is to replace the hand to touch the surfaces of public objects where there might be viruses and bacteria adhering on, such as door handles, elevator buttons, ATM machines, etc. Let’s open it. The packaging has been broken.

The material of this No Touch Door Opener is brass. Why use brass? Because the viruses and bacteria are not easy to attach to the brass. You might notice that most of the door handles in the hospital are made of brass.

Then I tried to use it to open the door. It’s definitely not so smooth as using the hand but it’s not bad because you put your index finger into the hole and press here using your thumb then you can well control your force to press down the door handle and pull it back.

Let’s use it on a touch screen. Flip the screen left and right, click to open the browser, open a website, it’s quite smooth and it should also be no problem to use it on the touch screens of the ATM machines, queuing machines in banks or hospitals. It’s just that touching a small place on the screen is not so precise. For example, this small “back” button needs multiple clicks to work.

In terms of portability, as you can see, the size is small and here is a hole and you can put it on your keychain, and take it out whenever you need to use it.

To sum up, I really like these two gadgets. In this pandemic we should try our best not to use our hands to touch the surfaces of public objects like door handles, elevator buttons, ATM machines, queuing machines in hospitals, etc., but do these things by this contactless pull push touch stylus.

In terms of shortcomings, I feel that the workmanship is a bit rough, you may not see it clearly, there are a lot of scratches on it, and the packaging is also simple.

That’s it. Thanks for watching!

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